Fees are by the semester or monthly, with a slight advantage when paying for the entire term in one payment.  Email Mrs. McClain for specific information about fees.


Lessons are based on a 14 week semester, NOT monthly, with full payment due at the first lesson of each semester, or in eight equal payments (four per term), due at the first lesson of each month, from August through April respectively.

Payment may be made at the first lesson of each month, or by mail, and promptness is appreciated. A late fee of $5.00 should be added to monthly payments, if made after the first lesson of the month. Summer lessons, and additional lessons at term’s end, may be determined between the teacher and student/parents.

Missed Lessons

Refunds are NOT given for missed lessons. The time assigned is the student’s for the academic year whether the student is there or not, and it is the student’s responsibility to swap times if a lesson must be missed. A swap list will be provided as soon as possible with telephone numbers and email addresses.


Lessons begin at the scheduled time, and not when the student arrives. Tardiness will result in loss of lesson time.

Students’ Progress

  • To encourage progress, it is essential that the student maintain regular attendance.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to be on time and prepared. Daily practice is essential, and will probably require reminding.
  • Students are encouraged to attend as many musical events as possible. Attending concerts, listening to recordings, and playing in other ensembles are all excellent ways to develop talent.
  • Students are responsible for music and other supplies, and keeping their instruments in good repair. New music, assigned by the teacher, should be purchased as quickly as possible.
  • Parents are encouraged to check, and sign, the students’ practice records, found in the back of the Practice Book (new Yellow Book or old Purple Book) provided by the instructor for a small additional fee of $10.00.


I prefer to be addressed as either Mrs. McClain or Miss Ruth Ann by students.